Ideal Choices for Wedding Gifts

Sometimes, finding the perfect gift is the hardest part of attending a wedding! Sure there are registries and those are great, but sometimes you want to get the bride and groom something that's a little bit more meaningful and unique compared to the variety of crockpots and sheet sets that they'll be receiving. So if you're looking for an idea that's fun and creative, check out these wedding gift ideas that they'll actually love!


marry gift

marry gift



  • Well Wishes Memory Note Book 


 marry gift



Giving the bride and groom a book filled with well wishes from family and friends is a super sentimental gift that they'll adore! Whether you DIY a book from scratch or have an actual photo book printed, it's a simple and fun way for loved ones to express their feelings and wishes for the newlywed couple and their future as husband and wife.


  • Promise Them an Herb Garden


marry gift

A windowsill garden not only looks great, but it offers up year-round access as a fresh alternative to bottled herbs. This can save the newlyweds a trip to the store whenever they need fresh cilantro for their guacamole or dill for a homemade dip.


  • Create a Map of Their Hearts


There are lots of fun ways to reuse maps creatively to tell the story of the happy couple. For example, fill a ready-made, three-panel frame with different maps from where the couple met, where they got engaged and where they got married.


  • Wine Cork Holder


This chic wine cork holder is not only a gorgeous piece for any kitchen, but it’s also super practical for your wine-o friends! With the quote, “All you need is love and a bottle of wine” laser etched on the glass panel, it makes for a great sentimental wedding gift that will become a permanent feature in their home. Don’t forget to make it clear that you expect to come over and help them fill it up!


  • 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


marry gift

silk pillowcase for hair and skin is a must gift choice if you truly want your beloved one to take full advantage of beauty sleep. Silk is a luxurious, hypoallergenic fabric that allows your hair and skin to slip gently across the pillowcase as you sleep. Only a silk pillowcase will to keep your hair tangle free, contributing to a better night's sleep and gorgeous hair.