The Beauty Sleep Benefits Of Silk Pillowcases
The Beauty Sleep Benefits Of Silk Pillowcases

The Beauty Sleep Benefits Of Silk Pillowcases

It's no surprise we spend a third of our lives sleeping. After all, it's during this peaceful bodily function that our bodies relinquish the day's worries and woes and drift into that timeless space to recuperate, repair, recharge, and restore - both physically and mentally.

Basically, your body begins the night shift, seeking to repair the damage of the day, build complexion-pluming collagen, and re-boot the integrity of our body's most vital, fundamental functions. It is also the time where our most precious aesthetics, including skin and hair, go into full recovery mode, allowing us to wake up feeling and looking youthful and beautiful. However, for many, that may seem like a pipe dream. If you're not clocking quality Zzzz's and waking up to a matted, messy mane with tell-tale wrinkles and crinkles etched from your cheek to your chin, it's time to end the nightmare and step up your beauty sleep game with a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase.

Silk has many benefits to our body. Let's take a look together.

Keep Your Cool
Snoozing on silk helps regulate your body's temperature, keeping it cool and comfortable, which induces deep sleep for a truly restorative and interrupted slumber
A Real Wrinkle Warrior
The smoothness of silk's unparalleled texture allows your skin to gently slide across the fabric without pulling or tugging at delicate skin tissue. No more jigsaw puzzle-esque, peculiar patterns etched on your face or neck come morning time.
Best-Tressed Tool
Like your skin, the smoothness of the silk doesn't snag or “grab” at strands, preventing breakage, split ends, and brittleness. Silk pillowcases are strand-savers for processed hair or those with pricey hair extensions because there is virtually no friction between strands and the silk. No more naughty knots.
Skincare Saver
You can rest easy about your dream creams and pricey potions staying on your skin throughout the entire night. Silk fabric helps retain and balance your skin's much-need moisture levels, while allowing all your favorite products to work hard during the night shift.
No Chemical Exposure
Dozing off on silk exponentially reduces your exposure to chemical-laden undesirables due to silk's fastidious production process. No chemicals are added in our production process and the use of any machinery or chemical additives that could potentially compromise the quality of our silk has been strictly forbidden to ensure the perfectly
In the Nap of Luxury
In the Nap of Luxury Undoubtedly, you'll instantly feel like a princess once your pretty head touches a silk-encased pillow at the end of a long, tiring day. There is something exquisitely luxurious about sleeping upon silk. And, if you feel like a princess, you're sure to sleep like one. So, spoil yourself to sleep - and to silky, shiny strands

Adding a Mommesilk Pillowcase to your anti-aging arsenal is sure to give you the skin and hair of your wildest dreams!


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