Choosing Your Perfect Pillow

by Momme Silk on May 08, 2017

As we all know that normal people spend about a third of your days sleeping. If you choose the wrong pillow, you’ll face annoying tossing and turning around all night long. The followings are the factors you should consider when purchasing a right pillow.

Filling. If you like to feel cradled, you might choose a down or feather filling. These materials retain warmth and help to keep you toasty on cold nights.

If you are an allergy-suffer, please go for silk pillow. Silk is anti-allergy and amazingly soft, making you feel absolutely comfortable.

Buy More Pillows. Some days you may feel like you need more support than on other days, so it is nice if you can have different options to choose from. Silk, cotton, down or foam ones.

Use A Pillow Protector A pillowcase will protect your pillow from dirty and dust, as well as increase its life. Pillow floss cannot be washed, but a pillow protector will help keep it clean.

Choose the right height Learn your body and sleep position, choose the pillows with the right height, this will help you lie down on a comfortable pillow. Do not follow the fashion trend, do pick a pillow that is suitable for you.