Enjoy Best Four Years of Your Life
Enjoy Best Four Years of Your Life

Enjoy Best Four Years of Your Life

College students have a lot to deal with. Between balancing academics and social life, searching for summer internships and managing stress, “happiness” tends to fall by the wayside. But being happy should still be a major priority in college.

Here are 5 easy ways to adjust your own college lifestyle and make yourself a happier, healthier person:

1. Take Classes That Reflect and Further Your Interests.
Especially if your parents are paying for your college education, it’s hard to reject pressure to enroll in the courses they want you to take. But if you’re going to be miserable as a [insert parent desire here] major, talk with your parents and tell them that. At the end of the day, the most important thing is your happiness, not whether you’ll be able to snag a glitzy finance job right out of college.
2. Go out.
Cooping yourself up in your dorm room isn’t fun for anyone. Pull yourself out of bed, away from your books, and go to that party everyone’s been talking about. If partying isn’t your thing, call a friend and go explore the city or town around campus. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you get out of the academic mindset and let loose.
3. Exercise.
Stop making excuses. The paper due next week can wait if it means taking an hour break to go to the gym. Go for a run with a friend or try a yoga class at the local studio. You’ll feel good for having done so and the endorphins you release are proven to make you happier.
No passing out at three, waking up at ten, going out to eat, and doing it again, at least not every night. Sometimes you can’t help cramming, but you can stop yourself from watching another episode of “Orange is the New Black.” Put your computer away and hit the sack (especially if you have to wake up for that 9 a.m. Bio lab).
5.Surround Yourself With Good Friends.
You need a confidante to talk to when things get rough, someone to celebrate with when you have good news, and a person to ground you when college life starts to feel overwhelming. It can be hard to find real friends who love you for you, but they’re out there. Just give yourself time.

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