Silk Beauty Cocoons: What, Why, How?
Silk Beauty Cocoons: What, Why, How?

Silk Beauty Cocoons: What, Why, How?

Skincare is at the forefront of many people's minds, with so many beauty and skincare products on the market, it can be difficult to establish a routine that really works for you. We're looking into how silk beauty cocoons can help you and your skin with their natural benefits that keep skin smooth and blemish-free.
What are Silk Beauty Cocoons?
Silk Beauty Cocoons are made with gentle Mulberry Silk and are used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin to leave it looking and feeling fresh, smooth and free of imperfections.
Silk beauty cocoons contain the protein sericin, which is an important moisturising element found in many anti-ageing creams and serums on the modern beauty market. By massaging the face with these cocoons, they release sericin while the textured surface gently exfoliates the skin to create a strong anti-oxidant effect.
Why use Silk Beauty Cocoons?
In ancient times, Chinese princesses were renowned for their beautiful and youthful appearance. The secret behind their smooth complexion was they cleansed and massaged their face with silk beauty cocoons.
Incorporating silk beauty cocoons into your skincare routine will leave your skin feeling soft and radiant and is particularly effective for pores and around the oily t-zone area of the nose and forehead.
Silk is also a natural material so you can be assured that silk beauty cocoons aren't made up of potentially harmful chemicals that won't necessarily benefit your skin.
How do you use Silk Beauty Cocoons?
Silk beauty cocoons are incredibly easy to use and make for a great addition to the skincare routine of people of all ages. Silk beauty cocoons are to be used where you would usually use a cotton pad or another form of application for toners or cleansers.
Hold a cocoon gently with your fingertips, dampen it with warm water or toner and gently massage your face in a circular motion. Once you're finished, make sure you moisturise afterwards as needed.
Beauty cocoons can be used twice then there will be a need for a new one. Our silk beauty cocoons are sold in packs of 36 so you will always be stocked up with something great for your face.
At Mommesilk, we have a wide range of beautiful silk beauty products including silk pillowcases, silk pajamas and many silk accessaries which moisturise your skin naturally and gently. Invest in something natural for your skin today - we guarantee you won't regret it!

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