MommeSilk Silk Pillowcases Reviews

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Scrunchies & Laundry Bags

I LOVE your scrunchies! This is my second order of the thin ones and first for the larger size. My roommate & I divvied them up and wear them daily. The laundry bags are excellent quality. I used the one meant for bras to launder my dog's collar and leash. Everything washed well and the bag was still in perfect condition.

Preferred stitches of the brand over tag

I preferred the brand to be stitched than the tag. I bought them as gifts so haven’t tried the product.

Though pricey, the pillow case is very conformable and cool. Love having the zipper as well so the pillow stays inside.

22 MM Silk Fitted Sheet
Sherry Wattier
Soft and comfortable

Love staying cooler at night. Love to get another set. Enjoying a good night sleep too.

Hard to say so far

I bought this hoping to it would be much cooler than my down comforter and to go with some linen sheets. So far it's a little heavier than I expected it to be and not as breathable as I was hoping but I think I'm just having personal overheating issues and household heating issues. Couldn't really beat the price compared to my down comforter though.

Not great 1 pillow case and only a fitted sheet way to much $$$


I’m still waiting for an RMA and shipping label. Any progress on that?

Great buy

Great buy. Very good quality. It feels great when I touch it.

Really good quality

This duvet is great quality. It stays cool, it's light weight. It's so comfortable. Definitely worth it.

Just as advertised

Super soft, just as advertised. Great buy!

All it says it is!!

I'm hooked on these pillow cases! I have curly hair and they really help with the frizz! They also stay cool thru the night.

Silky and Soft

My fluffy Queen bed pillows fit nicely in the cases. The pillow tuck holds my pillows in place well. I love the color as well.

Wild Dream Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask
Silky smooth

Its softness and smoothness are gentle to hair and face.

Love these!

Feels like silk, extremely soft. Great for skin & hair.

Soft, silky pillowcase

They fit a regular sized pillow. cool to the touch.


The duvet is functional. I can use the thinner duvet at the moment. It's so soft and breathable.

Great find

Pillowcases are great - silky smooth as advertised.

Sleeping well and face stays moisturized

It's great quality and feels nice on my face it also helps keep my face not as dirty and my hair.

So luxurious!

These silk pillowcases are extremely soft. My skin is very prone to acne breakouts and rosacea. Therefore, I changed my pillowcases to these to diminish the friction against my face and they have worked perfectly for me. They also look beautifully classy.

Beautiful Pillowcases

Very soft, clean for your face, great price, variety of colors.

Comfortable easy to wear

Pleasantly surprised when I received my purchase. The cap is easy to wear and stays on all night. Keeps my hair in place and stays nice for the morning. It leaves slight lines on your face in the morning which I don’t like but it’s not too noticeable. Overall very pleased

Still waiting for order to arrive!

Good quality

I got this sheet on sale/promotion - compared to other silk sheet options this was a great price and I am happy with the quality.

Service great. Product great

Greetings from We the North.
Very happy with the service and product quality - as expected in the 21st century.
Good job mommesilk.