A happier planet we live
What We Do
We are convinced that a more sustainable company can be more popular with customers. We strive for an ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable solution by working intensely with a global network of partners and companies to manufacture more environmentally friendly and sustainable products.
Our Social Responsibility
Our Material
Mommesilk strives to use the most sustainable materials from farm to factory and invests in new fabric innovations to ensure we're reducing our impact on the planet. We prioritize natural fibers as the material of our main products and use recycled synthetics where they have a clear performance and/or durability advantage as trimmings or accessories.
Silk is considered a more sustainable fiber. It is a renewable resource, can biodegrade, and uses less water, chemicals, and energy than many other fibers.
Bamboo as a fact is more sustainable than silk. Bamboo is a self-regenerating plant. That means it does not contribute to deforestation, and because it’s a plant product, makes it completely vegan.
Our Factory
We strive for responsible and transparent partnerships throughout our factories and work with third-party auditors to evaluate factors like fair wages, labor conditions, reasonable working hours, and a safe working environment.

Throughout our factories, we aim to foster long-term working relationships rooted in honesty, shared values, and continuous improvement.
Our Employee
More than 80% of our employees are women. Our employees are entitled to social insurance benefits and paid vacations, commuting allowances, and lunch allowances stipulated by national laws, and our workers from the factories are also provided with board and lodging. All employees enjoy fair and equitable training, salary and promotion opportunities.
What We Achieve
Less Waste
Our company uses natural renewable resources, such as silk, bamboo, and cotton. These materials use less water, chemicals, and energy than many other fibers. They are pure nature and cause a less negative impact on the environment.
Since starting in 2014, 80% of our expertise, artisans, and operation clerks are female. We focus on empowerment and education, to help women be more mindful of what they do and their impact. We try to bring the concept of sustainability and green solution into the workplace and are excited, to do our part.
Carbon-neutral commitment
We are committed to becoming the first batch of companies in the carbon-neutral campaign by 2040 and will make effort to take a leadership position on ecological protection, from our supply chain to the manufacturing and use of our products.