About US
About US
Founded By Women For Women In 2014, We Make Simpler But Better Home-Wear/Casual Wear To Inspire Women Live Quality Life And Build A Better Life Experience For All.
Powered by Natural Fabrics
Versatile pieces made with pure grade 6A mulberry silk and without harsh chemicals. Designed with your comfort in mind. Our products range from 22 Momme silk pillowcases, silk bedding, silk pajamas, silk eye masks, and beautiful silk accessories.
From Factory to Customer
Affordable, classic, and high quality silk products for all women.
Low Cost Strategy
Silk products makes you feel good and look better than ever, but let’s face it. High quality silk is a luxury point.
Our Solution?
We cut off all middleman and create sumptuous products that worth, last for years. Silk, queen of the fabric is not only limited to those prestigious royal families anymore.
Made by Female Expertise
MOMMESILK has come a long way not only in the evolution of our brand but what we have meant to women everywhere. Since starting in 2014, 80% of our expertise's, artisans, operation clerks are female. We focus on empowerment and education, to help women be more mindful of what they do and their impact. Not only that, we know what it takes to bring equality into the workplace and is excited, to do our part.
Care for Womankind
Every woman deserves good things in life. The core belief “all good for women” drives our company, from the products we design to how we give back and support women. We’ve partnered with renowned organizations such as Southern California, Downtown Women Center, Rosehaven to donate our clothing/bedding to help women in need.
New Exclusive
New product launches on 15th every month.
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