MommeSilk Silk Pillowcases Reviews

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Love the zipper

Great pillow case. Loved the zipper. I bought one king and 2 full size

I'm never going back to a cotton pillowcase!

I was excited to try this in the summer after waking up with my wet pillow too many nights. It really doesn't hold heat and it's lovely to lay on.

Very good quality

Very good quality. Very soft but durable. The zipper is great thank you

Soft and price great

This was the most I've spent on a single silk pillowcase but it was WORTH IT! Very soft, natural color!

very nice for my hair

I have very brittle and dry hair from recently bleaching it to color my hair red. Since I've been using this at night my hair is way better. Less tangles when I wake up and barely ever have bedhead anymore. My hair is even falling out less since I switched.

[Soft and easy to use.]

Great for those who want to protect their curly hair. Silk allows gentle movement versus traditional cotton which can kink or flatten curls.

wonderful for skin

Not flimsy, love that it has a zipper so it doesn't slide off the pillow, my very curly frizzy hair is MUCH less pouffy in the morning, and it is wonderful on the skin. My mother and sister are getting them too! The only thing that is mildly annoying is, as other reviewers have pointed out, that the creases created from the way it is packaged seem to be permanent.

[Nice pillow case.]

Love this pillow slip. It has held up so much better than the last silk one I had from another brand. I wash it in the washer on gentle and lay flat to dry and it hasn't lost its silky texture. The zipper is a HUGE plus as well.

Highly recommend

Works well! Highly recommended for melanated ladies.

[Great product at a great price!]

So I bought two of these pillowcases, one for me and one for my daughter. Let me begin with the fact theyre super soft, they enclosed the pillowcase, and they color is exactly as shown. I love the hidden zipper makes the pillow less bulky. I have found my head stays cooler with it . I can see a big difference in my daughters hair after she wakes up. Instead of being a huge rats nest. It only messy now. I will be purchasing another for my son, because hes trying to take mine over!!!lol

Very soft and comfortable feel

These pillow cases are perfect to protect my granddaughters hair. Very soft and comfortable feel. Already purchased more in different sizes and colors.

Product as described arrived promptly.

Christmas gift.Very thick and soft pillow case! I love that you can feel the quality of it, starting with the box it's packaged in. The case is sized large for a queen pillow, accommodating a variety of sizes and shapes (longer, thicker, etc). The zipper glides smoothly and assures your pillow will not creep out overnight if you toss and turn like I do. The silk feels delightful against your face and allows for a cool, comfortable sleep while helping to control bedhead and prevent wrinkles. Do be aware that there is only one pillowcase per item, this does not come in a set.

good quality

Great pillow case the quality is really good

Worth it

Amazing pillowcase and service I was so impressed and delighted even the packaging I kept it was so beautiful!!!

nice quality

I bought these for my mother. She likes them and although her hands don't work like they used to, she can get them on easily and zip them. We like the recessed zipper as well. They appear to be nice quality.

Love these pajamas!

They are comfortable and soft and I just simply love them.

well made

It's great. I've had it for over a year now and still great

Helps my dehydrated winter skin

Absolutely in love with this pillowcase! Softer on my sensitive skin and my hair is way less frizzy in the morning. This pillowcase has helped tremendously.

Very pleased with this pillowcase

Saved my hair!!!!!! Love and recommend to all my friends

[very soft]

Fantastic and beautiful silk pillowcases. Keeps my hair from being so frizzy and helped with some acne breakouts. Also keeps my head feeling cool while I slept. Husband loves his as well!

[Love it]

I love this pillow case so much I take it everywhere with me. I've also noticed a difference in my skin and hair since I started using this pillowcase, they have both improved quite a bit. Also, love that it has a zipper so it won't slip off of the pillow. It has been super easy to clean (cold handwash cycle by itself and hang dry), still looks like brand new after having it for a few months. I give it a thumbs up!

feel smooth

It feels smooth and works even better than my silk cap as far as keeping my hair moisturized and making my hairstyles lasts longer.

[Great quality and good pricing.]

My sister gave me this silk pillowcase for Christmas. She said I would never wake up with wrinkles again that take several hours to go away. She was so right. Also I noticed that my hair was smooth every morning not frizzy like it used to be. I will never use another pillowcase. I actually just ordered another one so that I would have one when the other one is being washed. I highly recommend this product.

[Worked well.]

So far, so good. My hair was just not liking the cotton pillow cases anymore.I received this item in perfectly wrapped condition and it was true to the chosen 'standard' size. Zips up perfectly around the pillow.It has only been a couple of days but for $29, I really like it. I did not want to settle for the cheaper polyester ones.I would be careful of any oil/hair oil on it. I feel that I will be washing it quite often as I do wear night cream but it is so white, it should be washed often I guess.

So luxurious!

This is the first silk pillow case I've tried and I'm now a firm believer and user of silk pillow cases! My skin is not as dry, breakouts are less, and my bed head is not as wild. Plus, this makes me feel like a queen and as someone who already loved sleep, I love it more now.This came with a personalized note from the company (which I always love) and I love that it has a zipper to keep the pillow in the case!