MommeSilk Silk Pillowcases Reviews

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Hubby and I l love it!

Got a set for my hubby; sexy and simple. Love it!

Lovely gift

I bought these pajamas as a gift for my sister and she absolutely loves them. The size fit perfectly.

Very nice!

Nice nightgown and great material. Does wrinkle easily and does run small in my opinion.

I ordered an extra one for travel. I left my white one in a hotel so I bought a colored one so that it doesn't happen again!

Love the silk pillow cases!

Love the silk pillowcases! So soft and cool to sleep on!

Order a size larger

This one doesnt bleed in the wash.

our comforter was exactly what we wanted! it was perfect, lightweight and it feels like weve had it forever! packaged beautifully! thank you!

Washable Comforter

This product did NOT disappoint. Perfect summer weight, light, cozy, wonderful. I highly recommend.

Smaller than they used to be order a size larger

The red tends to bleed the first couple of hand washes

soft silk

props to great customer service who helped when the top didn't fit over my head

great silk mask

fits comfortably around the head and soft. no complaints

Claret Pajamas

I love my pajamas and would recommend Mommesilk to anyone who would like to protect or improve their skin. There is nothing in the world that compares to real silk.

My Silk Comforter is the single greatest purchase....

I ordered a Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter - Queen size, and it is MAGNIFICENT!! I knew had a very high quality product when I was forced to start leaving my older comforter on top of the bed and over the Mommesilk so my dogs don't ruin it!! Now don't get me wrong my 2 dogs are amazing; I have a service dog, a real service dog, and then also a second 3 year old pup, and they both are the sweetest most well behaved dogs; However they are spoiled, it's that simple. (Yeah yeah my fault totally!;) Therefor I knew this could possibly be a problem from the beginning, hence my keeping the old comforter for the very top layer, so my new gift to myself is somewhat protected, or so I dreamed... That being said I wondered what would happen upon my receiving this product. Sure enough ever since they felt this new silk comforter they now wait until I fall asleep and then dig their way down under the old comforter to get to the super soft and silk piece underneath. I wake up every morning with these little wienies rolled up in my first present to myself in years, my new beautiful silk comforter. So I can say with all assuredness: Young puppy, service dog, and human approved!

Best duvet I have ever owned!

So beautiful I ordered a second, and my girlfriend loved mine so much she ordered one too!

Happy with my purchase

So far very happy with my purchase, still new and it a great condition.

Good for hair and skin. Elegant!

Gorgeous color, substantial silk. Well finished.

Silk pillow the best

Smooth & Cool.

Love my pillowcase. Gave one also to a granddaughter leaving for college & she loves hers too. Stays nicely on the pillow since it zips. It is so much cooler than the satin ones we had. Would definitely buy them again.

Great quality!

It is well-made with soft and substantial cotton outside. Seams are finished nicely. Lays beautifully on the bed. The weight is a little heavier than down or faux down. I would give this washable silk filled cotton comforter 5 stars but it isnt warm enough in summer so I am assuming I will need a warmer one in winter.


I literally love it, its so comfortable, I sleep so well with this mask


Its the perfect weight! It is light but keeps me nice and cozy!


Absolutely fabulous, my husband LOVED the pajamas and they fit perfectly.

Purchased 2

Great Quality! I purchased 2: one for home and one for travel!

Love my silk pillowcase !

My head always heated up when I sleep and my hair was so dry.. but I LOVE how Mommesilks pillowcase keeps my head so cool and hair so hydrated


I was really pleased with the colour I ordered for my pillowcases and sleep mask (Coffee - It's a dead on match to my sheets). The quality is amazing! I haven't put them on my pillows yet (waiting to order new pillows) but can't wait to try them out. I've been using the sleep mask and have to say - WOW! Prevents wrinkles and puffy eyes in the morning. Overall very happy with my order!