MommeSilk Silk Pillowcases Reviews

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Rest assured

I love this pillow case. It’s cool and soft. It feels good against my skin. And my hair has no frizziness after sleeping on it.

Very nice

I've had four of these pillow cases for a year and a half. I have used them continually since my purchase. I have been extremely happy with them. They still look like new, showing no wear at all.

It’s like you are wearing nothing!

Keeps the light out and enables you to have a great nights sleep. Also makes a great gift !

Surprisingly awesome

Love the hair scrunchies. Thought I might have trouble keeping them in my hair because I have fine thin hair. But they work great. I got them to try and stop the brakeage that happens with other scrunchies. So far they are doing the job.

Nice quality and fast shipping!

Item was received very fast after it was ordered. It looks very nice quality and feels soft. Used for 1 month so far, and like it so much.


Bought these for my mother and she loves them.

Good product

Not bad. It's suitable.

Very comfortable pajamas!

I like the softness of the material and it is very comfortable. I wore it for Pajama Day at work, and I got a lot of compliments.

Super soft

I love this pillow case. It is soft and feels so luxurious! I had to buy more because my family kept taking my pillow! When I wake up in the morning my hair is smooth and I don't have those "sleep wrinkles" on my face. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Will buy more.

It really is a very soft pillow case. Very comfortable and I don't wake up with pillow lines in my face ;). Only bought 1 to try but will buy more now.

impressive start

I really like this pillowcase and think my hair have become less frizzy / easier to comb since I started using it.

Excellent quality

Great product for my pillow & helps maintain my hair soft.


I use this to keep my hair ends from breaking.

Very silky feeling.

These are very silky and felt really luxurious. Ver high end feeling.

The truth

Best pillow cases I've ever purchased. I typically only give reviews for products that are the best or worst. This pillow case was the best.

Soft, silky - well made!

It’s incredibly soft against my cheek, and on both sides. It’s real silk. I very much enjoy the experience of sleeping on it .

Beautiful color, soft a very comfortable pajamas.

Beautiful and flattering dark blue color! Super soft fabric very comfortable design. Good quality in overall.

I am buying a 2nd one!

Made such a difference on my skin. Cool and comfortable!

Very good buy

I'm really enjoying these pillow cases. Happy with my purchase.

Beautiful and soft

Love these pillowcases. For the price point, this is probably the best you can find.

Great for our old NYC apartment!

I live in an old apartment building in NYC—one of those buildings with the steam radiators that make it hotter than hell in the winter, even with the valve turned off and the window wide open. While I still sleep hot and can't always use it, it is MUCH better than other duvets I've tried for keeping us warm but mostly not sweating during these ridiculous NYC winters. I can tell this will be great in the summer, too.

Satiny Softness.

I had an old satin pillowcase, that was wearing out. I ordered this one, on sale, & love it! It keeps my hair from looking like a "bed-head" in the morning!

pretty warm

got a king size, not thick but keeps you warm
i use it every day now, absolutely necessary for me
need to wash it first since it came with some powder on top
remember not to wash or dry it in hot water


I love these pajamas...I buy myself another pair every year as a Birthday gift to myself.
So far I now own 4 pair♡


I have had silk pillowcases before from other companies but these are probably the best. Very smooth and comfortable, they machine wash well (in a lingerie bag on delicate cycle) and they (line) dry super fast. I especially like that I can dry and style my hair at night and it still looks great in the morning. I chose the silvery blue color which was closer to a silvery grey which I prefer.