About Bamboo
About Bamboo

About Bamboo

We all want to buy the best products for our family and we strive every day to get those things that deliver maximum satisfaction along with good health and comfort. Often people ask about the advantages bamboo bedding sheets and reasons to buy bamboo products. Historically, bamboo was not used in textile industry. New technology has been recently allowed the bamboo to be manufactured into high quality fabrics that are good for you, your home and the planet!
Bamboo has a wealth of benefits, for humans and the environment. Bamboo is a naturally renewing plant that grows quickly without the need for pesticides. Compared to cotton, it also uses far less water and land to grow, while still providing a highly durable, lightweight, incredibly soft fabric that is easy to care for. Mommesilk utilises the wonderfully natural benefits of bamboo to help you get a better night's rest. Our silky-soft weave is made of 100% bamboo fiber, resulting in a premium blend-free fabric that is breathable, cooling, hypoallergenic, and sustainably made. It's as gentle on the planet as it is on your skin.
Why you should choose a bamboo duvet cover?
Because bamboo sheets are biodegradable and completely organic, they are quite popular with people who are earth-conscious and love to use green products in their home. They also make very soft bedding and absorb sweat, but not odours so are great in hot climates.
Let's find out more about bamboo sheets. Here are many reasons to choose a bamboo products.
Bamboo has an impressive yield: It's one the fastest regenerating plants in the world. Bamboo grows in a much denser area and regenerates without needing to be replanted. This means it can yield 20 times more timber than trees over the same area.
Moisture Absorbent: This is most important for those people who sweat a lot when they sleep. Bamboo sheets have moisture wicking capability, unlike cotton. Moisture Absorbent: This is most important for those people who sweat a lot when they sleep. Bamboo sheets have moisture wicking capability, unlike cotton.
It is hypoallergenic: If you have skin sensitivities or allergies, chances are you have found yourself awake in the middle of the night itching and uncomfortable. Bamboo fibers are favoured by many who are allergic to dust mites due to their natural hypoallergenic qualities.
It's feathery soft and comfortable: Bamboo yarn is much finer than cotton yarn, which means that a standard 300 thread count in bamboo is the equivalent of 1000 thread count of the finest cotton sheets.
Care For Your Bamboo Duvet Cover
Mommesilk Bamboo duvet cover are durable and easy to maintain as long as you follow a few simple care instructions. They should outlive your conventional duvet cover by several years. If you care for them properly, it can last much longer.
Daily Cleaning:
Always use a mild detergent on a gentle cycle. It is best to wash your sheets alone, not mixing them with other colors or materials. It's important to use cool water to prolong the life of your sheets. If they are heavily soiled, bamboo sheets may be presoaked in the washer with warm water.
No formaldehyde resin is used in the making of bamboo sheets which means they're natural and safe but may wrinkle. They are not deeply creased wrinkles common in cotton sheets, and they fall out easily but may require some light ironing if left in the dryer. Use an iron on the lowest setting possible and without steam.
Things To Avoid:
Don't use fabric softeners
Avoid bleach, vinegar-based products, and harsh chemicals
Don't wash bamboo bedding with harsh chemicals that can break down the fibers
Don't wash bamboo sheets with towels - this will keep your sheets from getting linty
Bamboo is a fantastic renewable resource that deserves to be well-known and more widely used. It even surpasses the positive qualities of other renewable resources such as wood and cotton. Mommesilk is proud to support bamboo duvet cover that are better for our families' futures. When you purchase a set of our product, know that your purchase has positively impacted our world.

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