Meet this Summer with Mommesilk
Meet this Summer with Mommesilk

Meet this Summer with Mommesilk

Come summer, and for most, silk becomes a four-letter word. We carefully air out our silk collection along with our winterwear to put them away for the season.

Our latest pajamas ranges are making a case for silks in summer. Like cotton, silk is the lightest fabric, and it can adjust to your body temperature, has the cool softness of cotton, the textured look of linen, a subtle lustre, and a silky drape. It is also amongst the finest fashion fabric for all occasions. Silk is a magical fabric which keep you cool when you're hot. So silk pajama is perfect for keeping you cool during those warm summer months.

A research says that the most ideal sleeping environment commands 33±1℃ in temperature and 50±5%(RH)in humidity. So the judgment standard for a good bedding is to see if it can maintain a very stable temperature and will do a fine job of balancing humidity. Silk beddings has a good function of absorbing and liberating moisture, so it can make your sleeping stay at a more constant temperature than most beddings in other fabric.

Mommesilk started with the simple goal of having better sleep each day and living healthier. As we grow, we understand how good sleep impacts everything we do, we utilize the highest quality silk fibers to bring the most luxurious and comfortable silk products in your sleep.

Sheets are the layer our bodies are closest to as we sleep and therefore should be THE element we spend time to consider as we make our bedding selections. The texture, feel, warmth, and moisture-wicking capabilities all contribute to your comfort while you doze.

At the end of the day, we believe that the best sheets mean you should always "Sleep Like a Baby".

The key is to pick the right type of silk. For summer, try Mommesilk.

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