Travelling with A Silk Pillowcase
Travelling with A Silk Pillowcase

Travelling with A Silk Pillowcase

The great travel writer Pico Lyer said: "Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits." When it comes to travel, I mean making the journey out to somewhere you’ve never gone before with an open schedule, to let life show you what opportunities were waiting for you that you couldn’t have even imaged before.

Traveling is wonderful in many ways, it’s a great chance to try new things and meet new people. Studies show that travelling can improve your overall health and enhance your creativity. While travelling, we always take a lot package with us, if there was one piece of advice I have for people to bring in there trip, it is a 100% pure silk pillowcase. 

  Here are some benefits of bringing a silk pillowcase while travelling.

  1. Easy to package. Silk pillowcase is very smooth and soft, it can be packaged in a small bag or a box. Just bring it everywhere and feeling without having anything.
  2. Easy to wash and dry. Silk is the perfect fabric for travel because the pillowcase can be washed in a hotel sink and dries very quickly. Just hang it anywhere, and you can get a fresh one next day.
  3. Silk pillowcase is great for hair and skin.

Sometimes, travel is a little bit tired, and your hair and face may look frizzy and dull after one day’s trip. A silk pillowcase can help you relieve from the fatigue of a day. The smooth and soft silky feeling can help you fall asleep better and can reduce the friction between your face and pillowcase. It allows hair to move freely as you toss and turn, without friction. Insist on using silk pillowcase everyday will have a significant change in your skin and don't have as much hair breakage.


Life is a wonderful gift. It really is, and as we travel and experience more of the world and life, we often become overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for all the beautiful moments we enjoyed and people we’ve shared them with. Take some for travelling with a silk pillowcase, and enjoy your life.

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