Celebrate Healthy Sleep on World Sleep Day
Celebrate Healthy Sleep on World Sleep Day

Celebrate Healthy Sleep on World Sleep Day

"People should think about sleep like they do other important healthy behaviors such as exercise-as something to reflect upon and, when appropriate, improve so that one can feel better and remain healthier over time."
——Lourdes DelRosso
World Sleep Day 2023 Co-Chair
March 19th, 2023 is World Sleep Day. Now in its 14th year, this global initiative shines a light on the importance of sleep health and habits. It draws attention to sleep education and aims to "lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders".
4 Tips for better sleep
This World Sleep Day is a good time to take stock of your own sleep habits and make small adjustments to improve your sleep health.
1. Create a peaceful sleeping environment
Switching your bedsheets to silk is the first step to ensuring a restful night's sleep that leaves you refreshed and energized in the morning. Silk is a breathable and self-cooling fabric, keeping you calm and comfortable all night long.
Sleeping with a silk pillowcase allows the hair to move freely on silk pillowcases, preventing tangles and breakage that other harsher fabrics might cause throughout the night.
Silk sheets are thought to be ideal for promoting sleep since silk fibers are breathable and have low conductivity, which allows our bodies to regulate the core temperature in warm and cool environments. Silk is also known to wick moisture away from the body, which can keep us cool and dry.
2. Do something calming
Take a bath and then slip into comfortable nightwear before you go to bed. Everyone needs a good night's sleep, so having comfortable nightwear in your bed is essential.
Silk sleepwear is becoming increasingly popular because it improves the quality of your nighttime slumber. The smooth texture and soft feel of silk nightwear on your skin may be the key to a restful night's sleep. Furthermore, the ultrasmooth fabric of silk nightwear lets you move freely while sleeping, allowing you to sleep uninterruptedly throughout the night and ensuring a luxurious sleep.
3. Stay away from overheating
When you sleep under silk, you never need to worry about your sheets chafing your skin, and outbreaks, sunburns, and rashes actually have a chance to heal.
A silk comforter can prevent overheating and keep cool as silk is a lightweight, breathable fabric that allows better air circulation to the skin.
4.Turn off all lights or use a sleep mask
Sleep masks stimulate extreme darkness, which can help you not only fall asleep but also improve your overall sleep quality. Sleep masks keep you away from distractions of any extra light and take you to a night of deep sleep. We need deep sleep to restore our bodies, repair tissues and strengthen our immune systems.

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