Enjoy More Smooth and Silky Life with Mommesilk Bedding Products
Enjoy More Smooth and Silky Life with Mommesilk Bedding Products

Enjoy More Smooth and Silky Life with Mommesilk Bedding Products

Normally people tend to use synthetic or cotton fabric for bedding because there are often more beautiful designs with that kind of material and they are also affordable for everyone. But they actually have to compromise quality for that. Bedding made of silk is much better for your health. Silk is known as a breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator, which makes it the best bedding material.

There are many reasons to use silk on your bed. Soft, smooth and light, it gives the least pressure on your body. Consisting of natural proteins that are very similar to ones in human hair, silk helps reduce any potential allergic reactions. The sericin in silk dispels accumulation of melanin in your skin, preventing/delaying any black spots from forming on your skin. The breathability and heat insulating properties make sure it is able to keep you warm without making you hot, and its great moisture wicking abilities help keep your bed dry. Advantages of silk bedding products in detail are below..

Natural temperature regulator

Silk helps us to feel warm in the winter because they keep the heat in our body and make us feel cool in the hot weather by expelling the heat for us. This is a natural way that causes no harm to our body.

Bring comfort to your sleep

Soothing and soft are the main features of silk. When you sleep, the silk blanket and bedding sheets will wrap around you perfectly. Since silk is so comfy and smooth, it can totally improve your sleep quality which makes you healthier.

Make your bedroom the most relaxing place

Silk bedding keeps your bed cozy but not heavy, which makes it an ideal option for your bedroom. Silk bedding does not only make your bedroom look more cushy but also luxurious.

Good for your skin

Silk bedding contains proteins which come from the amino acids found inside the silk. This has great effect on people who are having problems with their skin like dry or eczema. Even for people who don't have any problems, silk bedding still manages to keep their skin in the best condition. The silk fabric is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and cover your skin in luxury and comfort.  

A treat for your hair

No wonders why most models, actress choose silk fabric over other materials because sleeping on pillowcases made of silk helps your hair stay soft and smooth. Silk contains natural proteins that can prevent your hair from being dry or matted overnight, making sure you have the perfect hair every day.


There are many more you can find in our FAQs section regarding the benefits of silk. Our silk is made completely from natural and pure silk produced by the Bombyx Mori silkworms, the undisputed best quality silk in the entire world. Manufactured by experienced artisans silk-workers, we are confident that you would fall in love with our products.


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