Live a Happy Life in College
Live a Happy Life in College

Live a Happy Life in College

College life has a lot to deal with; it involves balancing your academics and social life. I know for sure, every college student out there has experienced how stressful it is to manage your time, especially when you’re about to submit all the requirements needed in each subject at the same time. Stress is consistently at your back, the fact that time we're generally squeezed and have next to zero cash. If you think being happy in college is impossible, think again.
Here are 5 tips on how to live a happy life in College.
1.Make Fun Plans.
From apple picking to going to a concert to conquering the Vermonster at Ben & Jerry's, if you have activities to look forward to, weeks filled with cramming for tests and writing research papers won't seem so bad.
2. When You're on Break, Actually Take a Break.
Read for pleasure, re-watch all of the “Harry Potter” movies, spend time with your high school friends, bake a seven-layer cake.
3. Keep Your Room Clean.
If your space is a mess, chances are your mood will be a mess, too. Organize your shelves, make your bed, and do your laundry. It's really not that hard, and it'll make a big difference in your attitude.
4.Know Your Weaknesses And Actively Work to Improve Them.
Whether you have trouble budgeting your time or take 30 minutes deciding which dining hall to eat at, we all struggle with something. It's when you help yourself change your bad habits that you begin to change your lifestyle and become a better, happier you.
5.Embrace Independence.
One of the best parts about college is the fact that you get a chance to be away from home. Welcome that. Do things on your own to show yourself that you can. College is the bridge from childhood to adulthood, and gaining the confidence in yourself to be by yourself is a crucial component of living a healthy, happy life.

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